Great Taste Awards 2023

We've been awarded two Great Taste Awards!
All products are blind-tasted, judges award on taste and this year just over 40% of products entered were awarded one or more stars. Check out what the judges had to say...

Organic Curry Powder 🍛 ⭐ ⭐

This is a deep amber coloured blend with a fabulously fresh, aromatic nose - hints of lemon too. As we tasted it, we could identify and taste all the spices with some toasty notes too. It is intense and feisty, yet beautifully balanced and warm - a deliciously fresh and lively curry powder which has been well-blended. So often cumin is over-used and can overwhelm a curry powder - this however hasn't had a heavy hand. The ginger at the end is warm and fiery. Not relying on just chilli for heat is clever. It is zingy and bright. A lot of thought has gone into the blend of this curry powder and it shows.

Vibrant and aromatic, this has a well-judged level of spice for a mild curry power. There is a pleasant warmth from the pepper and ginger. The salt lifts the spices, which are light and fresh and would have a multitude of uses!

The judges enjoyed the balance of this curry powder enormously but felt that the bay was a little bit over-powering and elbowed some of the other flavours out of the way.

Chilli Con Carne Spice Blend 🌶️ ⭐

This spice blend has a lovely rusty red colour and fairly vibrant aroma. We enjoyed the balanced sweet, bitter, earthy, spicy notes the various elements brought and would happily use this in the kitchen.

This is a delightfully vivacious yet rounded blend - we loved the brightness, the warmth and the overall balance of the blend.

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