Pumpkin Gnocchi

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We've combined our two favourite P's in this autumnal recipe... Pumpkin and Pasta!



600g Fresh pumpkin
400g Potatoes
260g Flour
1 teaspoon Salt
A pinch of Nutmeg
Vegan parmesan


Cut a pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds and the stringy parts, grease a baking tray with oil and place the pumpkin cut side down onto the trays. Preheat the oven to 200C and cook the pumpkin for 45 minutes or until soft. Scoop out the pumpkin and mash with a fork until smooth.

Boil the potato in water for 20 minutes or until tender, peel to remove the skin then mash the potato.

In a bowl, combine the pumpkin puree, mashed potatoes, flour, salt, and nutmeg. Knead until a smooth dough forms, divide into 4 pieces, roll each part into a rope, cut into gnocchi bites and dust with flour.

Press the gnocchi with a fork to make ridges, place onto a floured baking tray and repeat with the rest of the dough.

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, add some gnocchi and cook until they float (around 4 minutes) remove from the water and toss into sauce and serve with cheese.

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